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Erida Trade AD was established in 1994. The Company’s main business is trading with metals, metal scrap, and finished products such as:

  • Hot-rolled sheet metal;
  • Cold-rolled sheet metal;
  • Galvanized sheet metal;
  • Ribbed and smooth rebar;
  • Rebar blanks;
  • Arc-welded pipes;

Erida Trade AD operates Bulgaria’s only zinc oxide production facility. The factory is in the town of Pazardzhik and has a monthly output capacity of 150 tons.

Erida Trade AD also manufactures frames for PVC windows and doors in its factory in Gara Yana, Sofia. The facility is capable of producing in excess of 300 000 meters (linear) of PVC profiles.

The company produces galvanized drywall studs. The monthly capacity of the production facility is 500 linear meters. We offer galvanized drywall clips and hangers which are made in the same factory located in Gara Yana, Sofia